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About Me

Hi there! I'm Botond Balázs, a curious individual with a wide range of interests. As a devoted husband and father, family is at the center of my life. Professionally, I work as a programmer, which also happens to be my primary hobby. I find joy in the endless possibilities and constant learning that programming offers.

In my free time, I enjoy learning to play the piano and creating generative art - a fascinating blend of math, programming, and visual aesthetics. I'm also a bookworm, always eager to dive into new worlds through fiction and expand my knowledge with non-fiction.

Some of My Generative Art

Here are a couple of my generative art pieces. All of them were created from scratch using custom software I wrote. I hope you enjoy them!

The two images above were created using Lindenmayer Systems (L-Systems). These are simple rulesets that, when applied repeatedly, can generate complex and beautiful patterns.

These two animations show what happens when I gradually change a certain parameter of the system - the first image shows the parsley fractal at different iteration counts, while the second one shows what the famous H-Tree fractal looks like when I increase the angle of the branches. What is fascinating about this second video is that at a certain intermediate angle, another well-known fractal appears - the Dragon Curve.

These four animations show simple particle systems that I created. In the first one, a single attraction point moves along a circular orbit, with the particles following it. In the next three, I used 5, 6 and 7 stationary attraction points, respectively. The color of the particles depends on their initial positions.

And finally, a collage of stills from the animations above. I love these gorgeous snowflake-like patterns!